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Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication(2FA)#

Two factor authentication (2FA) refers to the authentication method that combines both passport and an object (credit card, SMS phone, token or biomarkers as fingerprint) to identify a user. To ensure the security of the committer’s account, we need you to enable 2FA to sign in and contribute codes on GitHub. More details, please refer to 2FA.

Note:If you do not enable 2FA, you will be removed from the project and unable to access our repositories and the fork from our private repository.

Enable 2FA on GitHub#

For detailed operations, please refer to Enable Two Factor Authentication with TOTP.

After enabling 2FA, you need to sign in GitHub with the way of username/password + mobile phone authentication code.

Tips: If you cannot download the APP through the page link, you can search and download the Google Authenticator in APP Store.

How to Submit Codes#

After enabling 2FA, you need to generate a private access Token to perform operations such as git submit and so on. At this time, you will use username + private access Token in replace of username + password to submit codes.

For detailed operations, please refer to Create a Private Token.