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Webinar| Apache APISIX Ingress Community Meeting

· 2 min read

With the release of Apache APISIX Ingress Controller version 1.0, more and more developers have started to pay attention to the Apache APISIX Ingress solution. The Apache APISIX community hopes to establish a more direct communication channel with users and developers in the community to help them understand the development direction and development plans of Apache APISIX Ingress. We hope that every user and developer's voice will be heard. Therefore, the Apache APISIX community has started to organize bi-weekly online community meetings.

Meeting Schedule

Every two weeks (Wednesdays) at 2pm, each meeting is about 1 hour.

Meeting address

Tencent Conference ID: 377 1555 2043

Weekly Meeting Report

You can this document to leave the topics you want to discuss in advance

Topics for each session may be

  • Discussion of some new feature requirements
  • Sharing of technical architecture design
  • Feedback on bugs
  • Experiences and pitfalls in using Apache APISIX Ingress Controller by yourself or your team
  • Testimonials or complaints about Apache APISIX Ingress Controller

Of course, you are also very welcome to give your opinions or contribute your ideas to the construction of the Apache APISIX community, if you have suggestions and ideas for the meeting, please feel free to issue and reply to it!

We welcome you to join us to discuss the Apache APISIX Ingress solution, and we welcome you to join the community of developers to build a better Apache APISIX Ingress Controller.

If you are interested in the technical direction of Apache APISIX, want to develop it together, or have other suggestions or comments, you can participate through the following channels: 1.

  1. subscribe and send an email to Participate in the community the Apache Way way by subscribing to the Subscription Guide. The mailing list is the most common way for the Apache community to communicate, and the community will actively respond to questions on the mailing list.

  2. Start a discussion in the Apache APISIX Github discussion The discussion area is very active. From time to time, we'll also include a summary of frequently asked questions in the discussion to make them easier to find.