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Release Apache APISIX 3.2.2

· 2 min read
Xin Rong
Traky Deng

We are pleased to present Apache APISIX 3.2.2 with a list of fixes and optimizations.


Upgrade lua-resty-jwt dependency version

Upgrade lua-resty-jwt dependency version from 0.2.4 to 0.2.5 to mitigate the risk of authentication bypass in APISIX jwt-auth plugin. (PR #9837)

Implement optimizations for etcd

Support the use of one HTTP connection to watch the prefix for all etcd resources. This reduces the resource consumption and improved watch performance to be on par with gRPC connections. (PR #9456)

Enable keep-alive connections for etcd calls. (PR #9420)

Fix the issue in opentelemetry and grpc-transcode plugins when used together

Fix the issue of opentelemetry and grpc-transcode plugins erroring out when used together. (PR #9606)

Fix memory leaks in upstream health check

Fix memory leaks in upstream health check when the upstream nodes are configured in domain names. (PR #9090)

Fix the issue in wolf-rbac plugin used with other plugins on consumer

Fix the issue of wolf-rbac plugin on consumer rendering other plugins on the consumer ineffective. (PR #9298)

Fix the issue of using mqtt_client_id as a key in load balancing

Fix the issue of using mqtt_client_id as a key in upstream load balancing. (PR #9450)

Fix the issue in traffic-split plugin host name resolution

Fix the issue where domain name configured in the traffic-split plugin is only resolved once. (PR #9332)


Read the changelog of this release here.