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Biweekly Report (September 11 - September 24)

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We have recently made some fixes and improvements to specific features within Apache APISIX. These changes involve utilizing xrpc to support the dubbo protocol, enabling the recording of OpenTelemetry variables in the access_log, and allowing modification of request bodies in external plugins. For additional information, please consult the biweekly report.


Apache APISIX has developed into a thriving community since its open-source debut, becoming the world's most active open-source API gateway project thanks to the collaborative efforts of our community partners.

From 9.11 to 9.24, a total of 23 contributors made 43 commits to Apache APISIX. We sincerely appreciate your contributions to Apache APISIX.

We have recently addressed and enhanced various features, and here is a summary of the updates:

  1. Utilize xrpc to support the dubbo protocol

  2. Enable the recording of OpenTelemetry variables in the access_log

  3. Allow modification of request bodies in external plugins

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." The Apache APISIX Community Biweekly Report helps community members understand how the Apache APISIX community is progressing, making it easier for everyone to get involved.

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A wealth of documentation tutorials and experience has been accumulated on the Apache APISIX official website and GitHub. If you encounter problems, you can look into the documentation, search keywords in the issues, or participate in the discussion on the issues, proposing your own ideas and practical experience.