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Version: 3.0

Development Guide

The Dashboard contains both manager-api and web parts, so you need to start the development environment separately.


Before development, refer to this guide to install dependencies.

Clone the project#

$ git clone -b release/3.0

Start developing#

$ cd apisix-dashboard


  1. Please change the configuration in api/conf/conf.yaml.

  2. In the root directory, launch development mode.

$ make api-run
  1. In the root directory, stop development mode.
$ make api-stop
  1. Please refer to the FAQ about the problem of displaying exception in the dashboard after adding custom plugins or modifying plugin's schema.

  2. If writing an back end E2E test, please refer to the Back End E2E Writing Guide


  1. Go to the web directory.
$ cd ./web
  1. Please change the manager-api address in the web/.env file. If you follow this guidelines, the address may need to be set as below.

All commands here are for Linux environment, other systems please use the corresponding commands for your platform. You are also welcome to contribute your own methods.

echo "SERVE_URL_DEV=http://localhost:9000" > web/.env

If you don't want to create the file, you can also export the variable.

export SERVE_URL_DEV=http://localhost:9000
  1. Launch development mode
$ yarn install

$ yarn start

If there is an error about gyp during yarn install, please ignore it and go ahead!

  1. If writing an front end E2E test, please refer to the Front End E2E Writing Guide