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Apache APISIX community members help openEuler release first innovation version

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Zexuan Luo and Ming Wen from the Apache APISIX community have done a lot of work in the first community innovation release of openEuler on September 30 (openEuler 21.09), contributed a lot to the OpenResty migration effort, allowing OpenResty to run smoothly and efficiently on the Euler open source OS. The stable operation of OpenResty also means that Apache APISIX can run smoothly on the openEuler system, and the underlying Apache APISIX is based on OpenResty for some development.

Let's get to know these two community members!

Zexuan Luo, Apache APISIX PMC, core developer of OpenResty, Maintainer of git-extras project, good at C, Golang and Lua, has written many technical articles, recommend reading Why Why did Apache APISIX choose Nginx + Lua as the technology stack?, "What's the difference: does etcd 3 support HTTP access perfectly?".

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Ming Wen, Apache Member, Apache APISIX PMC Chair, core developer of OpenResty, former member of 360 Open Source Technical Committee, he has more than ten years development experience. He is the author of the Geek Time column "OpenResty from Introduction to Practice".

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Apache APISIX has been growing as a community since the first day of open source. Apache APISIX partners are not only active in this community, but also actively participate in open source projects in other communities, which is the embodiment of the open source spirit, open source is not only open source code, but also open community, open mind, cooperation and mutual assistance between communities, and we contribute together to better open source products.

In addition to the two community members, I would like to introduce Apache APISIX. openEuler's first community innovation version (21.09) greatly enriches the cloud-native related infrastructure, Apache APISIX naturally has the advantages of cloud-native, supporting Bare metal, virtual machine, Kubernetes, ARM64, public cloud, hybrid cloud and many other deployment modes. We expect Apache APISIX to be applied to more businesses and more scenarios on openEuler.

Apache APISIX Eco
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About OpenEuler

openEuler is an open source, free Linux distribution platform that works with developers worldwide to build an open, diverse and architecturally inclusive software ecosystem through a community format. openEuler 21.09 is the first community innovation release of an open source operating system for digital infrastructure that It extends scenario-based applications such as cloud computing, edge computing, and embedded.

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