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New milestone for APISIX - over 300 contributors worldwide!

· 3 min read

The Apache APISIX community has reached a new milestone of 300 contributors worldwide to projects related to Apache APISIX! Only 3 months have passed since the Apache APISIX main repository reached the 200 contributor milestone! Thank you to the community contributors for their outstanding contributions in all aspects of code, documentation, operations, and more.

Apache APISIX contributor graph
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PS: Recommend reading "Contributors, the golden metric of open source projects, Contributor trends graph

In January 2020 Apache APISIX released version 1.0, the first production version of Apache APISIX. Late last month Apache APISIX released the latest version 2.10.0, which is the 24th release of Apache APISIX. The Apache APISIX community maintains a fast and steady pace, with a new release every month. Every discussion, every PR, and every milestone of Apache APISIX is dependent on the participation of its contributors.

There is no barrier to becoming an Apache APISIX contributor, and the Apache APISIX community includes not only contributions of code, but also documentation, testing, design, making videos, and more. Raising PRs or issues on Github, participating in discussions on mailing lists, sharing via live streams, helping people solve problems in networking groups, and attending Meetups are all ways to get involved in the community. Welcome to the Apache APISIX community!

Apache APISIX contributors
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Community Events

The Apache APISIX community is very active, and contributors organize monthly events to help people better understand and apply Apache APISIX.

Apache APISIX Meetup

2021 Apache APISIX hosts several offline and online Meetups with Apache APISIX PMC members, Committers, Contributors, and enterprise technologists to share best practices for Apache APISIX. Follow Apache APISIX bilibili for past recaps.

Apache APISIX Ingress Online Discussion

The Apache APISIX Ingress project hosts bi-weekly online discussions to discuss PRs, issues, share best practices, insights and design ideas for Ingress, see issues for the online meeting address, and bilibili video link for a recap of past issues.

Weekly Report

This is a bi-weekly summary of Apache APISIX project features, bug fixes, community events, case studies, and more, to help you get up to speed on the latest developments in Apache APISIX. You can view the bi-weekly Weekly report by clicking Blog and selecting Events tag on the Apache APISIX official website.

Past recommendations.

What kind of events do you want the Apache APISIX community to organize? Or want to be an organizer/volunteer for an event, feel free to discuss it on the mailing list!

Apache APISIX community is thankful to have you, and we are looking forward to more people joining the Apache APISIX community. The Apache APISIX community is grateful to have you.