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Webinar | APISIX in QingCloud!

· One min read

on January 28th,the Apache APISIX community is joining forces with the QingCloud to bring you an online sharing session.

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Topic 1: API gateway to the cloud, how to define a good API gateway


Qing Liu, Product Manager of QingCloud API Gateway

Lian Zhai, Architecturer of QingCloud API Gateway

Topic Details

  1. Why does the API gateway cloud solve the pain points of users
  2. How do we understand and define a good API gateway product
  3. Important product features, functions and application scenarios of QingCloud API Gateway

Topic 2: Running Apache APISIX in the Hybrid Cloud


Wei Jin, API7 Engineer, Apache APISIX PMC, Apache APISIX Ingress Controller Founder

Topic Details

  1. Apache APISIX integration with various public clouds (plug-ins and real-world applications)
  2. Architecture and practice of Apache APISIX under hybrid cloud
  3. The practice of Apache APISIX in public cloud

How to participate

Scan the code to follow Apache APISIX's video account below. We look forward to meeting you on the afternoon of January 28th!

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