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Apache APISIX Summit ASIA 2022: API Gateway, Service Mesh and Open Source Ecology

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The Apache APISIX community will organize the Apache APISIX Summit ASIA 2022 on May 20-21, 2022.

Summit Post

Click here to register for Apache APISIX Summit ASIA 2022.

Conference Introduction#

Since Apache APISIX was officially open sourced on June 6, 2019, it has been growing rapidly as a community. In just over two years, the number of global contributors has exceeded 400, and the number is still growing rapidly. During this time, the Apache APISIX community has also successively gained recognition from domestic and foreign developers.

As an open source cloud native API gateway, Apache APISIX enables companies to quickly and securely process API and microservice traffic in scenarios such as gateways, Kubernetes Ingress, and service grids. Now, hundreds of companies around the world use Apache APISIX to process business-critical traffic, including finance, Internet, manufacturing, retail, carriers, and so on.

In order to help more companies, developers and open source enthusiasts better understand and use Apache APISIX, and to help community members better understand the latest progress and developments of Apache APISIX, the Apache APISIX community will organize the Apache APISIX Summit ASIA 2022 online on May 20-21, 2022.

Technical experts from, AliCloud, Tencent Cloud, Tencent Blue Whale, WPS, Snowball, VMware Tanzu, Beeto, Excelliance Technology, Huya, and UPYun will bring the most cutting-edge usecase and practical sharing of Apache APISIX.

There are more important speakers: Fei Xiong (Partner of Matrix Partners China), Sheng Wu (Apache Member), Mark Shan (Chair of Tencent Open Source Alliance), Ming Wen (Apahce APISIX PMC Chair), Trista Pan (Co-founder&CTO of SphereEx), Jia Zhai (Co-founder of StreamNative), Yeliang Wang (Partner of, Yubo Wang (Director of Developer Relations of AWS), Xiaosi Zhou (QingCloud Head of Container Division and KubeSphere Founder), to discuss open source infrastructure software, internationalization and ecological construction.


The Future of Apache APISIX: Empowering API Connectivities in the Digital World#


Ming Wen

Ming Wen, Apache APISIX PMC Chair, Co-Founder

The Globalization Path for Open Source Products Through Community Ecology#


Fei Xiong

Fei Xiong, Matrix Partners China Partner

The Correct Understanding of Open Source for Companies#


Sheng Wu

Sheng Wu, Tetrate Founding Engineer, Apache SkyWalking Founder

Apache APISIX Roadmap#


Yuansheng Wang

Yuansheng Wang, Apache APISIX PMC Member, Co-Founder&CTO

Automated Operation and Maintenance Platform Based on Apache APISIX#


Qing Chen

Qing Chen,Ops Architect of Excelliance Tech.

Design and Production Practice Based on Apache APISIX Full-link Grayscale Capability#


Shengwei Pan

Shengwei Pan, Product Development Engineer of Alibaba Cloud

How to Secure an App Out of the Box with Apache APISIX and Keycloak?#


Jean-Philippe GOUIN

Jean-Philippe GOUIN,VMware Tanzu Labs Product Manager

Head of API Experience and Operations#


Daniel Kocot

Daniel Kocot, VMware Tanzu Labs Product Manager

Building a Cloud-Native Integrated Architecture based on APISIX and RocketMQ#


Heng Du

Heng Du, Alibaba Cloud Senior Technical Expert, Apache RocketMQ PMC Member

Etcd Governance Practices in Scenarios of Large-scale Apache APISIX - Kstone#


Chaofan Wang

Chaofan Wang, Head of TKE Cluster Management at Tencent Cloud

Use Apache APISIX on Kubernetes#


Chao Zhang

Chao Zhang, Apache APISIX PMC Member, Technical Expert

Service Mesh Evolution From Gateway to Full Traffic Proxy Apache APISIX#


Jintao Zhang

Jintao Zhang, Apache APISIX PMC Member, Technical Expert

Design and Application of BlueKing API Gateway Based on Apache APISIX#


Rui Chen

Rui Chen, Head of BlueKing Container Platform and Microservices Project at Tencent

How Service Meshes Provide Platform-Level Microservice Governance Capabilities#


Qi Gu

Qi Gu, Technical Expert of Alibaba Cloud Native Application Platform at Alibaba Cloud

Production Practice of Apache APISIX Gateway in Snowball#


Wenjie Shi

Wenjie Shi, Senior Development Engineer of Basic Components at Snowball

The Landing Practice of Apache APISIX Ingress in UPYUN#


Zhuo Chen

Zhuo Chen, Senior System Development Engineer of UPYUN

The Implementation of Apache APISIX in Kingsoft Office Software and Development Experience based on APISIX#


Qiang Zhang

Qiang Zhang, Head of Cloud Platform Gateway at WPS

Apache APISIX Gateway Application Practice of Beeto in the Middle East#


Lilin Hu

Lilin Hu, R&D Director of Beeto

Multi-Cloud Dynamic Ingress Using Apache APISIX in Huya#


Jian Zhou

Jian Zhou, Senior Java Development Engineer of Huya

Panel: Globalization of Open Source Infrastructure Software and Company Ecosystem#


Ming Wen

Ming Wen, Apache APISIX PMC Chair, Co-Founder

Trista Pan

Trista Pan, SphereEx Co-Founder & CTO, Apache Shardingsphere PMC Member

Mark Shan

Mark Shan, Chair of Tencent Open Source Alliance

Jia Zhai

Jia Zhai, StreamNative Co-Founder

Panel: The Importance of Ecosystem to Open Source Projects#


Yeliang Wang

Yeliang Wang, Partner and VP of Technology

Sheng Wu

Sheng Wu, Tetrate Founding Engineer, Apache SkyWalking Founder

Xiaosi Zhou

Xiaosi Zhou, QingCloud Head of Container Division, KubeSphere Founder

Yubo Wang

Yubo Wang, Amazon Web Services, Director of Developer Relations

How to Participate#

Scan the QR code or click here to register for Apache APISIX Summit ASIA 2022.

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Join the Apache APISIX Slack channel#

Join Apache Software Foundation Slack workspace using this invitation link (Please open an issue if this link is expired), and then join the #apisix channel (Channels -> Browse channels -> search for "apisix").