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Release Apache APISIX 3.2.1

· One min read
Yilia Lin

APISIX 3.2.1 version is officially released, fixing many bugs and improving user experience.


  • Fix invalid cache in core.request.add_header #8824

    Provide a new implementation to avoid the problem that nginx built-in header variable cache is not refreshed

  • Fix etcd data synchronization exception #8493

  • Fix high CPU usage and memory usage caused by healthcheck #9016

    Fix healthchecker leak problem created by in create_checker if APISIX fails after cancel_clean_handler

  • Prevent non- requests from accessing Admin API with empty admin_key #9146

  • Fix the problem of batch-requests not reading trailer headers #9289

If you are interested in the complete update details of the new release, please refer to the CHANGELOG of the 3.2.1 release.

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