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Version: 2.14

Debug Mode

Basic Debug Mode#

You can enable the basic debug mode by adding this line to your conf/debug.yaml file.

enable: true

Note: Before Apache APISIX 2.10, basic debug mode was enabled by setting apisix.enable_debug = true in the conf/config.yaml file.

For example, if we are using two plugins limit-conn and limit-count for a Route /hello, we will receive a response with the header Apisix-Plugins: limit-conn, limit-count when we enable the basic debug mode.

$ curl -i
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/plain
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive
Apisix-Plugins: limit-conn, limit-count
X-RateLimit-Limit: 2
X-RateLimit-Remaining: 1
Server: openresty

hello world

If the debug information cannot be included in a response header (say when the plugin is in a stream subsystem), the information will be logged in the error log at a warn level.

Advanced Debug Mode#

Advanced debug mode can also be enabled by modifying the configuration in the conf/debug.yaml file.

Enable advanced debug mode by modifying the configuration in conf/debug.yaml file.

The checker checks every second for changes to the configuration files. An #END flag is added to let the checker know that it should only look for changes till that point.

The checker would only check this if the file was updated by checking its last modification time.

hook_conf.enablerequiredEnable/Disable hook debug trace. Target module function's input arguments or returned value would be printed once this option is enabled.false
hook_conf.namerequiredThe module list name of the hook which has enabled debug trace.
hook_conf.log_levelrequiredLogging levels for input arguments & returned values.warn
hook_conf.is_print_input_argsrequiredEnable/Disable printing input arguments.true
hook_conf.is_print_return_valuerequiredEnable/Disable printing returned values.true


enable: false # Enable/Disable Hook Debug Trace
name: hook_phase # The Module List Name of Hook which has enabled Debug Trace
log_level: warn # Logging Levels
is_print_input_args: true # Enable/Disable Input Arguments Print
is_print_return_value: true # Enable/Disable Returned Value Print

hook_phase: # Module Function List, Name: hook_phase
apisix: # Referenced Module Name
- http_access_phase # Function Names:Array
- http_header_filter_phase
- http_body_filter_phase
- http_log_phase

Enable Advanced Debug Mode Dynamically#

You can also enable the advanced debug mode to take effect on particular requests.

For example, to dynamically enable advanced debugging mode on requests with a particular header name X-APISIX-Dynamic-Debug you can configure:

enable: true # Enable/Disable Advanced Debug Mode Dynamically
enable_header_name: X-APISIX-Dynamic-Debug # Trace for the request with this header

This will enable the advanced debug mode for requests like:

curl --header 'X-APISIX-Dynamic-Debug: foo'

Note: The apisix.http_access_phase module cannot be hooked for dynamic rules as the advanced debug mode is enabled based on the request.