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Version: 3.0

Customize Nginx configuration

The Nginx configuration used by APISIX is generated via the template file apisix/cli/ngx_tpl.lua and the options from conf/config-default.yaml / conf/config.yaml.

You can take a look at the generated Nginx configuration in conf/nginx.conf after running ./bin/apisix start.

If you want to customize the Nginx configuration, please read through the nginx_config in conf/config-default.yaml. You can override the default value in the conf/config.yaml. For instance, you can inject some snippets in the conf/nginx.conf via configuring the xxx_snippet entries:

# put this in config.yaml:
main_configuration_snippet: |
daemon on;
http_configuration_snippet: |
listen 45651;
server_name _;
access_log off;

location /ysec_status {
deny all;

chunked_transfer_encoding on;

http_server_configuration_snippet: |
set $my "var";
http_admin_configuration_snippet: |
log_format admin "$request_time $pipe";
http_end_configuration_snippet: |
server_names_hash_bucket_size 128;
stream_configuration_snippet: |
tcp_nodelay off;

Pay attention to the indent of nginx_config and sub indent of the sub entries, the incorrect indent may cause ./bin/apisix start to fail to generate Nginx configuration in conf/nginx.conf.