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Version: 2.11




sls-logger is a plugin which push Log data requests to ali cloud Log Server with RF5424.

This plugin provides the ability to push Log data as a batch to ali cloud log service. In case if you did not receive the log data don't worry give it some time it will automatically send the logs after the timer function expires in our Batch Processor.

For more info on Batch-Processor in Apache APISIX please refer Batch-Processor


hostrequiredIP address or the Hostname of the TCP server, please reference ali cloud log Serve List, use IP address instead of domain.
portrequiredTarget upstream port, default 10009.
timeoutoptionalTimeout for the upstream to send data.
projectrequiredAli cloud log service project name,please create in sls before us this plugin.
logstorerequiredAli cloud log service logstore name,please create in sls before us this plugin.
access_key_idrequiredAli cloud AccessKey ID, reference Authorization.
access_key_secretrequiredAli cloud AccessKey Secret, reference Authorization.
include_req_bodyrequiredBoolean value.
nameoptionalA unique identifier to identity the batch processor.
batch_max_sizeoptionalMax size of each batch.
inactive_timeoutoptionalmaximum age in seconds when the buffer will be flushed if inactive.
buffer_durationoptionalMaximum age in seconds of the oldest entry in a batch before the batch must be processed.
max_retry_countoptionalMaximum number of retries before removing from the processing pipe line; default is zero.
retry_delayoptionalNumber of seconds the process execution should be delayed if the execution fails; default is 1.

How To Enable#

The following is an example on how to enable the sls-logger for a specific route.

curl -H 'X-API-KEY: edd1c9f034335f136f87ad84b625c8f1' -X PUT -d '{    "plugins": {        "sls-logger": {            "host": "",            "port": 10009,            "project": "your_project",            "logstore": "your_logstore",            "access_key_id": "your_access_key_id",            "access_key_secret": "your_access_key_secret",            "timeout": 30000        }    },    "upstream": {        "type": "roundrobin",        "nodes": {            "": 1        }    },    "uri": "/hello"}'

Test Plugin#

  • success:
$ curl -i 200 OK...hello, world
  • check log in ali cloud log service

sls logger view

Disable Plugin#

Remove the corresponding json configuration in the plugin configuration to disable the sls-logger. APISIX plugins are hot-reloaded, therefore no need to restart APISIX.

$ curl -H 'X-API-KEY: edd1c9f034335f136f87ad84b625c8f1' -X PUT -d '{    "uri": "/hello",    "plugins": {},    "upstream": {        "type": "roundrobin",        "nodes": {            "": 1        }    }}'