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Version: 1.6.0

Upgrade Guide

Upgrade using Helm chart#

Note: Before upgrading APISIX Ingress, you need to update the corresponding CRD resource first, k8s will automatically replace it with the default CRD resource version, incompatible items will be discarded, and its configuration needs to be updated to the current version.

Operating Step#

  1. Update Helm repo

Before upgrading, you need to update the helm repo to ensure that the resources in the repo are up to date.

helm repo update
  1. Upgrade CRDs

When the CRD exists, Helm Chart will not automatically update the CRD when upgrading or installing, so you need to update the CRD resource yourself

  • Using Helm (Helm version >= 3.7.0)
helm show crds apisix/apisix-ingress-controller | kubectl apply -f -

If the Helm version does not support it, you need to obtain it from the apisix-helm-chart repository. CRDs directory: charts/apisix-ingress-controller/crds/customresourcedefinitions.yaml

kubectl apply -f
  1. UpgradeAPISIX Ingress

Just as an example, the specific configuration needs to be modified by yourself. If you want to upgrade to a specific chart version, please add this flag --version x.x.x.

helm upgrade apisix apisix/apisix \
--set gateway.type=NodePort \
--set ingress-controller.enabled=true \
--namespace ingress-apisix \
--set ingress-controller.config.apisix.serviceNamespace=ingress-apisix


It is recommended not to upgrade across major versions.

Compatible upgrade#

Compatible upgrades can be made without changing any resources.

1.5 to 1.6#

helm upgrade apisix apisix/apisix *** # omit some configuration

1.4 to 1.5#

The chart version corresponding to chart version 1.5:

  • apisix-0.11.3
  • apisix-ingress-controller-0.10.1
helm upgrade apisix apisix/apisix --version 0.11.3 ***  # omit some configuration

Incompatible upgrade#

1.3 to 1.4#

The chart version corresponding to chart version 1.4:

  • apisix-0.10.2
  • apisix-ingress-controller-0.9.3
helm upgrade apisix apisix/apisix --version 0.10.2 ***  # omit some configuration

Incompatible upgrade, need to change resources. ApisixRoute object(http[].backend) has been removed in V2beta3 and needs to be converted to array(http[].backends). It is recommended not to upgrade across major versions.

Version change#


  • No breaking changes in this release.


  • CRD has been upgraded to the V2 version, and V2beta3 has been marked as deprecated.
  • app_namespace is deprecated, you can use namespace_selector instead.


  • CRD unified upgrade to V2beta3, delete resource v2alpha1 and v1 versions

Validate Compatibility#

Apache APISIX Ingress project is a continuously actively developed project. In order to make it better, some broken changes will be added when the new version is released. For users, how to upgrade safely becomes very important.

The policy directory of this project contains these compatibility check strategies, you can use the conftest tool to check the compatibility.

Here's a quick example.

kind: ApisixRoute
name: httpbin-route
- name: rule1
- /ip
- subject:
scope: Header
name: X-Foo
op: Equal
value: bar
- serviceName: httpbin
servicePort: 80

It uses the spec.http.backend field that has been removed. Save as httpbin-route.yaml.

Use conftest for compatibility check.

$ conftest test httpbin-route.yaml
FAIL - httpbin-route.yaml - main - ApisixRoute/httpbin-route: rule1 field http.backend has been removed, use http.backends instead.

2 tests, 1 passed, 0 warnings, 1 failure, 0 exceptions

Incompatible parts will generate errors.