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Install Ingress APISIX on Minikube

This document explains how to install Ingress APISIX on Minikube.


  • Install Minikube.
  • Install Helm.
  • Make sure your target namespace exists, kubectl operations thorough this document will be executed in namespace ingress-apisix.

Install APISIX and apisix-ingress-controller#

As the data plane of apisix-ingress-controller, Apache APISIX can be deployed at the same time using Helm chart.

helm repo add apisix https://charts.apiseven.comhelm repo add bitnami repo updatekubectl create ns ingress-apisixhelm install apisix apisix/apisix \  --set gateway.type=NodePort \  --set ingress-controller.enabled=true \  --namespace ingress-apisix  --set ingress-controller.config.apisix.serviceNamespace=ingress-apisixkubectl get service --namespace ingress-apisix

Five Service resources were created.

  • apisix-gateway, which processes the real traffic;
  • apisix-admin, which acts as the control plane to process all the configuration changes.
  • apisix-ingress-controller, which exposes apisix-ingress-controller's metrics.
  • apisix-etcd and apisix-etcd-headless for etcd service and internal communication.

Now try to create some resources to verify the running of Ingress APISIX. As a minimalist example, see proxy-the-httpbin-service to learn how to apply resources to drive the apisix-ingress-controller.