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See concepts to learn more about how to use the ApisixClusterConfig resource.


See the definition on GitHub.

monitoringobjectMonitoring configurations.
monitoring.prometheusobjectPrometheus configurations.
monitoring.prometheus.enablebooleanWhen set to true, enables Prometheus.
monitoring.prometheus.prefer_namebooleanWhen set to true, prints Route/Service name instead of their ID in Prometheus metrics.
monitoring.skywalkingobjectApache SkyWalking configurations.
monitoring.skywalking.enablebooleanWhen set to true, enables SkyWalking.
monitoring.skywalking.sampleRationumberSample ratio for spans. Should be in [0, 1].
adminobjectAdmin configurations.
admin.baseURLstringBase URL of the APISIX cluster.
admin.AdminKeystringAdmin key to authenticate with APISIX cluster.