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Getting started

APISIX ingress controller is a Kubernetes ingress controller using Apache APISIX as the high performance reverse proxy.

APISIX ingress controller can be configured using the native Kubernetes Ingress or Gateway API as well as with the declarative and easy to use custom resources provided by APISIX. The APISIX ingress controller converts these resources to APISIX configuration.

The examples below show how these differ. Both the examples configure a Route in APISIX that routes to an httpbin service as the Upstream.

kind: ApisixRoute
name: httpbin-route
- name: route-1
- /*
- serviceName: httpbin
servicePort: 80

APISIX ingress controller defines the CRDs ApisixRoute, ApisixUpstream, ApisixTls, and ApisixClusterConfig.

APISIX also supports service discovery through Kubernetes service abstraction.

See Design to learn more about how APISIX ingress controller works under the hood.


To summarize, APISIX ingress controller has the following features:

  • Declarative configuration with CRDs.
  • Fully dynamic configuration.
  • Supports native Kubernetes Ingress resource (both v1 and v1beta1).
  • Supports service discovery through Kubernetes Service.
  • Out-of-the-box node health check support.
  • Supports load balancing based on pods (Upstream nodes).
  • Rich Plugins with custom Plugin support.

Get involved#

You can contribute to the development of APISIX ingress controller. See Development guide for instructions on setting up the project locally.

See the Contribute to APISIX section for details on the contributing flow.

Compatibility with APISIX#

The table below shows the compatibility between APISIX ingress controller and the APISIX proxy.

APISIX ingress controllerSupported APISIX versionsRecommended APISIX version
master>= 2.15, >=3.03.1
1.6.0>= 2.15, >=3.02.15, 3.0
1.5.0>= 2.72.15
1.4.0>= 2.72.11
1.3.0>= 2.72.10
1.2.0>= 2.72.8
1.1.0>= 2.72.7
1.1.0>= 2.72.7
1.0.0>= 2.72.7
0.6>= 2.62.6
0.5>= 2.42.5
0.4>= 2.4